"Audit the Fed" Petition

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Whereas:   The dollar's lost 97% of its value since Congress created the Fed in 1913 -- resulting in skyrocketing costs for housing, food, electricity, higher education and medical care; and
Whereas:   The Fed's interest-rate manipulation, "Quantitative Easing," and secret bailouts, which only "paper over" economic problems have led to worse conditions down the line -- instead of improving economic conditions; and
Whereas:   A 2011 GAO report revealed that during and after the financial crisis of 2008 -- which the Fed’s easy money policies helped create in the first place -- the Fed SECRETLY bailed out foreign corporations and banks to the tune of $16 TRILLION; and
Whereas:   Congress should fully audit the Federal Reserve and expose the corruption, cronyism and incredible power the unelected financiers wield over our economy.
Therefore: As your constituent, I URGE you to support Audit the Fed at every opportunity.
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