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Whereas:   The Founding Fathers never intended the federal government to run our educational system; and
Whereas:   Under our Constitution’s Tenth Amendment, education should fall under the jurisdiction of the states and localities; and
Whereas:   Studies show one-size-fits-all policies under the U.S. Department of Education have resulted in American students falling dramatically behind other countries; and
Whereas:   The U.S. Department of Education’s budget has exploded by over 500% since its creation, even though performance of American students has remained flat at best; and
Whereas:   Like No Child Left Behind, Common Core is a top-down, one-sized-fits-all education policy that simply doesn’t work;
Therefore: I urge you to support legislation that defunds the wasteful and ineffective U.S. Department of Education and let parents, educators and local school boards determine the educational policies in our schools.
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